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Adaptogen Smoothie Time – Cordyceps

Adaptogen Smoothie Time – Cordyceps

Adaptogens have been a huge hit here at Nutrition for Life HQ! And we can understand why!! With rising cases of stress, energy lulls, immune system issues and hormone imbalances, adaptogens have provided many of our clients a way forward.

Here we give you a quick and easy smoothie idea including one of the adaptogens we stocks from Evolution Botanicals known as Cordyceps.

So what are cordyceps? They are a type of fungi produced when a particular insect plants itself inside the mushroom then creates a a new formation.

Cordyceps are an ideal adaptogen to help with fatigue, adrenal support, exhaustion, libido enhancement, stamina, endurance and increased athleticism.

Now lets dive into our smoothie idea… cordyceps are practically better consumed in a liquid, but you can include in heated cooking too.

For the smoothie you will need

200ml of unsweetened almond milk (can use almond/ coconut or coconut)

1-3 grams Cordyceps (seek input from practitioner for your correct dosage)

1/3 banana

1 scoop whey isolate protein powder

1/2 tsp Planet organic cinnamon

1 tsp hemp or chia seeds

Add few ice cubes if you want a cool smoothie or have the banana frozen beforehand.

Simply add all ingredients to your blender and blitz until smooth

Adaptogen Smoothie Time – Cordyceps

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