Whether you are looking for low carb snack options, meal additions, or recipe ingredients our range of nuts and seeds are all sourced from top quality suppliers and will deliver you pure healthy fats in all their goodness.

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Paleo Pure Org Grain Free Granola Sugar Free 300g media 01

Grain Free Granola – Paleo Pure – 300g

Grain free granola makes the perfect accompaniment to berries, yoghurt or sprinkled on top of just about anything.
Keto crackers hempchilli

Keto Crackers – Hemp Seed and Chilli 140g

With so much goodness and fibre added to this variety, it has ZERO NET CARBS
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Keto Crackers – Savoury 140gm

With so much goodness and fibre added to this variety, it is VERY LOW CARB
ChilliSalsaCrackers jpg 1024x1024

Kitz Crackers – Chilli Salsa 100g

Feel the heat! A mildly-spicy, tastebud-tingling blend of activated sunflower and flax seeds, tomato and spices, with just the right amount of firepower
0003 KITZ Living Food 079 FreshHerbCrackers jpg 1024x1024 1

Kitz Crackers – Fresh Herb 100g

We start with an activated flax and sunflower seed base, then add a mild herb mix making these gluten free crackers extremely versatile

Kitz Crackers – Fresh Herb Dulse & Spirulina 100g

We start with a base of activated golden flax and sunflower seeds, then gently mix with organic dulse flakes and spirulina. Know the power of green!

Kitz Crackers – Gourmet 4 Seed 100g

Activated flax, sunflower seeds, pepitas and chia make for the crunchiest crackers
ItalHerbGarlicCrackers jpg

Kitz Crackers – Italian Herb & Garlic 100g

We start with activated flax and sunflower seeds, then mix with a lavish helping of garlic and herbs to make this cracker one of our most popular

Kitz Crackers – Mini Pizza 100g

With a base of activated almonds, flax and sunflower seeds, these crackers are mild, hearty and filling. Enjoy topped with vegan cheese, fresh tomato and garlic
Rosemary BlackPepperCrackers

Kitz Crackers – Rosemary & Black Pepper 100g

Transport yourself to a summer garden with the fragrant blend of organic rosemary, activated flax and sunflower seeds and a medley of herbs

Kitz Crackers – Southern BBQ 100g

Activated flax and sunflower seeds form the base of this spicy BBQ cracker. Enjoy this cracker with beans, fish or avocado