Seasonings can be a really important way of adding flavour to our foods. Many seasonings can contain high levels of sugar, preservatives, and MSG. Our range is chosen based on the fact that they are free from any toxic ingredients.

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Chicken Bone Broth – Homestyle Mushroom 100g

$29.95 $25.46
Chicken Bone Broth Homestyle Mushroom is naturally nourishing with traditional Chinese adaptogenic mushrooms and Vitamin D to support immune system function and a whole food source of B vitamins keeping you feeling good inside out.

Coconut and Cacao Blend – Stella

Stella is your go-to girl when craving something a little sweet, but don't want to undo all your hard work! Perfect for adding to yoghurt, porridge, pancakes and smoothies. Stella adds a flavoursome touch (without the refined sugars) with her natural coconut and cacao blend

Low Carb Crumb – Hot & Spicy

Simple to use low carb gluten free crumb with a fiery kick of chilli, to add a delicious spicy crunch to any dish.

Low Carb Crumb – Medium Spice

A simple to use low carb gluten free crumb with a pinch of herbs and spices and the right amount of chilli to give any dish that spicy kick. 

Low Carb Crumb – Original

A simple to use low carb gluten free bread crumb with a pinch of herbs and spices to add a delicious crunch to any dish. 

Mingle Butter Chicken Spice Blend 30gm

Mingle Seasoning Butter Chicken Spice Blend

Mingle Curry Seasoning 30gm

Mingle Seasoning Curry in a Hurry Spice Blend

Mingle Hearty Stroganoff 30gm

Mingle Seasoning Heart Stroganoff

Mingle Satay Stir Fry 30gm

Mingle Seasoning Satay Stir Fry

Mingle Spag Bol Seasoning 30gm

Mingle Seasoning Spaghetti Bolognese Spice Blend

Mingle Taco Seasoning 30gm

Mingle Seasoning Mexican Fiesta Taco Spice Blend