Designs For Health Tri-Mag Active Muscle Guava Lemonade Oral Powder 300g


  • Maintains and supports healthy muscle function and supports energy production.
  •  Contains a unique and specific blend of three magnesium forms for optimal neuromuscular support ‐ aspartate, glycerophosphate and citrate
  •  Supports healthy muscle and nervous system function
  •  Contains 150 mg Nicotinamide riboside to enhance NAD+ production
  •  Contains 3 g Taurine to provide further support for cardiovascular and skeletal muscle function and enhance muscle performance and stamina
  •  Supports energy production
  • Provides support for healthy bone building and bone mass
  • Assists carbohydrate metabolism and supports healthy blood glucose levels
  • Improvements in muscle performance
  • Nutritional support for peak muscle and nerve health and function
  • Nutritional support for electrolyte balance, oxygen utilisation, ATP production, physical fitness and recovery
  • Supportive nutritional bone care
  •  Metabolic support for carbohydrate breakdown and optimal energy production
PRACTITIONER DISPENSED ONLY PRODUCT If this is your first time ordering, please note we will contact you after your order is placed to confirm this is for personal use and to discuss usage and dosage information.  If you wish to speak with our qualified team before ordering this supplement please contact us here.