Designs For Health – C Plus Supreme Oral Powder 150g


  • Supports a healthy immune and stress response
PRACTITIONER DISPENSED ONLY PRODUCT If this is your first time ordering, please note we will contact you after your order is placed to confirm this is for personal use and to discuss usage and dosage information.  If you wish to speak with our qualified team before ordering this supplement please contact us here. 

Herbs of Gold Ultra Zinc Plus – 60c

High strength elemental zinc Herbs of Gold Ultra Zinc+ contains 50mg of elemental zinc per vegetable capsule.

Nutra Organics Broth Vegetable Adaptogenic Mushrooms 125g

Vegetable Broth Mushroom Veggie is naturally nourishing with traditional Chinese adaptogenic mushrooms and Vitamin D to support immune system function, keeping you feeling good inside and out.

Nutra Organics Broth Vegetable Low FODMAP Veggie 125g

Vegetable Broth Low Fodmap Veggie is naturally nourishing, containing a whole food source of Zinc and Vitamin B12 to reduce tiredness and fatigue whilst supporting immunity, helping you feel good inside about out.