Apple Cider Vinegar 400mg – 60c

Apple Cider Vinegar 400mg contains 'the mother' • 40mg Acetic Acid per serve • Made from naturally fermented Apple Cider Vinegar • The gentle drying method maintains the goodness from liquid to powder • 3 capsules are equivalent to 15ml apple cider vinegar liquid

Cabot Health – Metabocel (Weight Control) 90t

Metabocel formulation combines garcinia with other supportive herbs and nutrients to help improve metabolic rate, when combined with a healthy diet and increased physical activity. Metabocel helps to enhance lean body mass. Our formulation does not contain any caffeine, making it safe for those with high blood pressure or caffeine intolerance. Metabocel may offer you the support you need during your weight loss journey.

Designs For Health – B Supreme 60capsules

A comprehensive approach to supporting energy production and healthy nervous system function.
Featuring Quatrefolic®, a highly bioavailable active form of folate Contains CoQ10 to support energy production Supports nervous system health and function Assists glucose metabolism Aids neurotransmitter synthesis Includes dimethylglycine (DMG) Maintains a healthy stress response
PRACTITIONER DISPENSED ONLY PRODUCT If this is your first time ordering, please note we will contact you after your order is placed to confirm this is for personal use and to discuss usage and dosage information.  If you wish to speak with our qualified team before ordering this supplement please contact us here. 

Herbs of Gold – CoQ10 -60caps

Herbs of Gold CoQ10 150mg contains naturally fermented coenzyme Q10 ideal for heart health maintenance and mitochondria cell health (our energy cells)

Herbs of Gold – Magnesium Citrate 900 – 60vc

Highly bioavailable form of organic magnesium Herbs of Gold Magnesium Citrate 900 is an organic form of magnesium that is more bioavailable than other magnesium forms. High bioavailability ensures the body can absorb and utilise the magnesium effectively.

Melrose – Magnesium Nights (Daily Sleep Support) Berry Oral Powder 120g

Magnesium Nights is a synergistic blend of bioavailable organic Magnesium salts combined with herbs such as Hops, Chamomile and Passionflower, traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine to reduce symptoms of mental overactivity and induce sleep.