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Why Whey Isolate Protein is Optimal?

Why Whey Isolate Protein is Optimal?
Protein is a main word here at Nutrition for Life HQ – its absolutely key in every single dietary overhaul our clients undertake!
Quite often we will suggest a client turn to a protein powder or make a change to a high quality protein powder so as to enable more achievable ways at getting in their daily protein requirements, not to mention its help in pursuing successful weight loss and muscle mass goals.

Here we take you through some of the qualities we look for in recommending a good protein powder.

Its protein content per serve is high – usually 95% or higher – this ensures you actually get the protein hit needed and the powder isn’t containing other much macros like fat or carbs
It contains BCAA’s – this is a really handy amino acid that helps prevent muscle fatigue and has known benefits in helping build muscle
Its as pure as possible – therefore we suggest a pure raw – isolate – this supports absorbability, digestibility and also benefits lactose intolerant people
It can assist in not only preparation nutrition, but recovery nutrition – its an all round protein powder

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