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Paleo Hero – Almond Porridge Mix Cinnamon Spice 250g

Say goodbye to highly processed, oat-filled porridge and nourish yourself properly with Primal Almond Porridge Mix. This mix has 5 serves of the ultimate grain-free, winter-warmer brekkie or snack on the run the whole family will benefit from. Primal Almond Porridge Mix is great source of healthy fats, protein and it's low carb to keep you satisfied and nourished.

Paleo Hero – Primal Choc Granola 750g

Just like a chocolate milkshake, only healthy! Primal Choc Granola is a chocolatey blend of nutrient dense nuts, seeds and single origin cacao combined with our secret baking method to create a delicious gluten free granola the whole family will benefit from: 100% Real Food Ingredients - No Preservatives or Additives Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Refined Sugar Free Free from Highly Processed Ingredients like Vegetable Oils and Soy We leave out cheap and low nutrient grains to keep nourished for longer No Oats No Barley or Rye No Puffed Rice or Grains

Paleo Hero Primal Pancake Mix Cinnamon 200g

Primal Pancake Mix is a gluten free version of a breakfast classic you can now enjoy guilt free. Swap out highly processed and sugar filled pancake batters for this delicious cinnamon spiced, gluten free mix the whole family can enjoy.