It can be very helpful to have some healthy snacks in the pantry ready to go for those times when you may need something in between meals, need new options for the lunch box, or need options while on the road.

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Noosa Natural Blueberries Dark Chocolate 115g

Blueberries in Premium Dark Chocolate – 115g

Noosa Natural Chocolate Co. have an exciting range of chocolate products and healthy snacks that not only look fantastic and taste great but are also recognised for their health benefits. All their products are gluten free, have no artificial colours or flavours and contain real fruit.
Love Tea Organic Caffeine Free Chai 100g media 01

Caffeine Free Chai Tea – Loose Leaf 100g

Caffeine free chai is our alternative to traditional chai blends, which usually contain black tea. Based on rooibos tea, which is naturally caffeine free, rich in minerals and abundant in antioxidants, this tea is a great option for anyone wanting a chai that can be enjoyed any time of the day. The combination of fresh spices and South African teas offer a unique blend of earthy, slightly nutty and spicy flavours. This canister is supplied with 100g of loose leaf Caffeine Free Chai. This blend is caffeine free.
Love Tea Organic Calming 50g media 01

Calming Tea – Loose Leaf 50g

Love Tea's naturopath has carefully selected this blend of organic herbs, to help support the nervous system.
Bonvit Chai Spice Blend 100g

Chai Spice Blend – 100g

Bonvit Chai blend is a fragrant combination of the finest cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg and star anise are carefully blended to deliver a rich and aromatic flavour.
Lockaco choc gum.jpg

Chocolate Gummies – 120g

Locako's Chocolate gummies make an at-home delicious chocolate treat that will leave you guilt free and help your skin glow.
cinnamon donut 2 1024


These sugar and gluten-free Cinnamon Donuts are not just doughnut-shaped cakes! You will need to use yeast and let it prove to end up with 16-18 delicious cinnamon doughnuts that are the real deal. Can also be made dairy-free.