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Beef Jerky – Classic Sea Salt 30g

$6.95 $4.99
Lightly seasoned with Sea Salt, for a classic taste. The ingredients list is pure – our Classic Sea Salt jerky lets our 100% grass-fed beef speak for itself.

Beef Jerky – Habanero Chilli 30g

$6.95 $4.99
Our Habanero Chilli is our hottest flavour – for those who step close to the edge. Carefully marinated in a unique blend of delicious spices, coconut aminos, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and sea salt, our 100% grass-fed beef jerky is free from MSG, preservatives and anything artificial.

Beef Jerky – Native Pepper 30g

$6.95 $4.99
Infused with wild-harvested, native Pepperberry, our award-winning Native Pepper Grass-fed Beef Jerky gives a true taste of the Tasmanian Wilderness

Beef Jerky – Smoked Chipotle 30g

$6.95 $4.99
Smoked Chipotle Grass-fed Beef Jerky offers a subtle, smoky heat - just enough to warm up your taste-buds on a mountaintop.

Chai Spice Blend – 100g

$10.95 $6.99
Bonvit Chai blend is a fragrant combination of the finest cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg and star anise are carefully blended to deliver a rich and aromatic flavour.

Chocolate Gummies – 120g

$14.95 $10.99
Locako's Chocolate gummies make an at-home delicious chocolate treat that will leave you guilt free and help your skin glow.

Clean Protein – Exotic Vanilla 500g

$44.95 $36.95
Clean Protein Exotic Vanilla is a delicious fusion of organic, plant-based, low carb and gut-friendly whole foods specifically formulated to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Good Fat Aioli – 280g

$13.95 $9.95
Made using GOOD FAT Mayo as a base, our Aioli has the same great texture and flavour but with a kick of garlic! It also has the same entirely clean label with its main ingredients being olive oil, free range eggs and Australian garlic!

GOOD Oil™ Balsamic Dressing

$13.95 $10.25
GOOD Oil Balsamic Dressing is made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the cleanest Balsamic Vinegar we could find! Not an easy task as most are loaded with sugar and artificial colour - ours is not!! It's a classic combination with a touch of Dijon Mustard and Garlic to take it to the next level.

GOOD Sauce Sweet Chilli – 260g

$9.95 $4.25
A PANTRY FAVOURITE MADE HEALTHY Sweetened naturally with coconut aminos, balsamic vinegar and monk fruit. There are no nasties in this product….its just sweet chilli yumminess!! No refined sugar!

Herbs of Gold Collagen – 30c

$44.95 $37.25
Supports collagen production Herbs of Gold Collagen provides a high quality source of fish collagen with vitamin C and zinc to help protect cells from free radical damage and contribute to normal skin structure, when part of a healthy diet involving a variety of foods.
  • With Zinc & C
  • Protects from free radicals
  • Supports skin structure