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100% Natural Stevia – 500g

$34.95 $20.95
Stevia blend is almost calorie-free (0.8 calories/serving), has zero GI and is sugar-free. Best of all it tastes great, has no bitter aftertaste and endless uses

100% Natural Xylitol – 500g

$19.95 $9.95
Naturally Sweet Xylitol - Looks like sugar, tastes like sugar, only good for your health

100% Natural Xylitol Icing Sugar – 500g

$15.95 $10.95
Naturally Sweet Xylitol - Looks like sugar, tastes like sugar, with a GI of only 7!

Apple Cider Vinegar 400mg – 60c

$15.95 $7.95
Apple Cider Vinegar 400mg contains 'the mother' • 40mg Acetic Acid per serve • Made from naturally fermented Apple Cider Vinegar • The gentle drying method maintains the goodness from liquid to powder • 3 capsules are equivalent to 15ml apple cider vinegar liquid

Apple Cider Vinegar with ‘The Mother’

$8.95 $6.95
Improve gut health with Bragg organic apple cider vinegar containing the mother

Australian Flaxseed Oil – 200ml

$9.95 $4.95
- Good source of omega-3 fatty acids - Improves general health and wellbeing - Contains phytosterols that can minimise the absorption of cholesterol in the diet - Nourishes the skin and improves hair health

Avocado Oil – 250ml

$18.95 $12.95
Melrose Organic Avocado Oil is cold-pressed from the flesh of the avocado fruit. Like olive oil, avocado oil has high levels of antioxidants and beneficial fats, making it a healthy all-round cooking oil.

Beef Jerky – Classic Sea Salt 30g

$6.95 $3.95
Lightly seasoned with Sea Salt, for a classic taste. The ingredients list is pure – our Classic Sea Salt jerky lets our 100% grass-fed beef speak for itself.

Beef Jerky – Habanero Chilli 30g

$6.95 $3.95
Our Habanero Chilli is our hottest flavour – for those who step close to the edge. Carefully marinated in a unique blend of delicious spices, coconut aminos, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and sea salt, our 100% grass-fed beef jerky is free from MSG, preservatives and anything artificial.

Beef Jerky – Native Pepper 30g

$6.95 $3.95
Infused with wild-harvested, native Pepperberry, our award-winning Native Pepper Grass-fed Beef Jerky gives a true taste of the Tasmanian Wilderness

Beef Jerky – Smoked Chipotle 30g

$6.95 $3.95
Smoked Chipotle Grass-fed Beef Jerky offers a subtle, smoky heat - just enough to warm up your taste-buds on a mountaintop.