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Coconut and Cacao Blend – Stella

Stella is your go-to girl when craving something a little sweet, but don't want to undo all your hard work! Perfect for adding to yoghurt, porridge, pancakes and smoothies. Stella adds a flavoursome touch (without the refined sugars) with her natural coconut and cacao blend
Mingle Butter Chicken 1 1024

Mingle Butter Chicken Spice Blend 30gm

Mingle Seasoning Butter Chicken Spice Blend
Mingle Curry 1024

Mingle Curry Seasoning 30gm

Mingle Seasoning Curry in a Hurry Spice Blend
mingle variety pack 1

Mingle Easy Dinners Variety Pack x6

Have some easy dinner ideas ready with the help of our Mingle seasoning variety pack. 6 options included which are, Satay, Beef Stroganoff, Taco, Spag Bog, Curry in a Hurry and Butter Chicken
green curry

Mingle Green Curry in a Hurry 30gm

A healthy take on a popular Thai classic, without the nasties. Simply add this green curry powder to any protein, veg, a little stock and coconut milk for a quick delicious weeknight meal. Mingle green curry has quite a bit of heat and is spicier than our Red Curry, so for those that like a little spicy tang.
Stroganof 1024 1

Mingle Hearty Stroganoff 30gm

Mingle Seasoning Heart Stroganoff
red curry

Mingle Red Curry in a Hurry 30gm

Make an aromatic, Red Curry without the nasties that the whole family will love. Simply add this Thai spice blend with protein, vegetables, coconut milk, stock and you will have a curry that is bang'n with flavour within 30 minutes.
Satay 1024

Mingle Satay Stir Fry 30gm

Mingle Seasoning Satay Stir Fry
Mingle Bolognese 1 1024

Mingle Spag Bol Seasoning 30gm

Mingle Seasoning Spaghetti Bolognese Spice Blend
Mingle Taco 1 1024x1024 1

Mingle Taco Seasoning 30gm

Mingle Seasoning Mexican Fiesta Taco Spice Blend