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11 Amazing Health Benefits of Ghee

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Ghee

One of the most common questions our clients & customers ask us is “what are healthy fats I should be eating”? This is a great question and certainly consuming healthy fats in the right balance will add so much value to your nutrition and health.

However it is surprising when we make our suggestions to enthusiastic clients just how many are yet to have tried ghee! Selecting a good quality ghee is definitely one of our top recommendations when it comes to including a variety of healthy fats in ones’ diet. And in this blog we are going to cover 11 amazing health benefits of Ghee that anyone can consider when adding this to their nutrition for the first time.

  1. Ghee contains a higher amount of energy per gram than butter which is great news if you are keto or are looking to ensure the fats you add to your meals give you maximum energy value.
  2. For those lactose intolerant it makes an excellent choice as it is lactose free fat.
  3. Ghee has a high heat point therefore great for frying and baking at high temperature – high heat point fats don’t run the risk of oxidizing and therefore hold their nutrient value when heat is applied to them.
  4. Supports Vitamin D production in the body due to its high fat density. Vitamin D is a fat soluble so by including fats like ghee in your diet in attempt to maintain or raise Vitamin D levels can be helpful.
  5. Ghee is high in Vitamin E which is considered an important antioxidant for the body and good for skin health and skin repair.
  6. Great as a food choice to enhance gut health and digestion in particular to help with the breakdown of meals and regular bowel movements.
  7. Has a range of anti-inflammatory properties making it an excellent healthy fat for respiratory health, immune health and heart health.
  8. Enhances bone strength and bone health. Again good quality fats ensure that other nutrients from meals absorb well into the bloodstream and enable the body to develop, age and repair at its best.
  9. Promotes effective wound healing – so if the body has had trauma then consider this healthy fat regularly to give your body the best chance of healing well.
  10. Healthy brain function requires consumption of healthy fats in the diet therefore we would consider ghee a great option if you are wanting to look after the health of your brain.
  11. Ghee boasts bioavailable Vitamin A  which is great for eye health and immune system health.

In summary

There are so many reasons to consider including ghee into your eating approach. And like any healthy way of eating variety is key, so branch out from olive oil, butter and coconut oil use and give ghee a go! Now if you are wondering which ghee we think is best? Well that would be pure grass fed ghee and here is the absolute best one we suggest you try (see here). ps – Enjoy!

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