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Brain Energy Smoothie – MCT MUSHROOM CHAI

Brain Energy Smoothie – MCT MUSHROOM CHAI

Desiring an increase in energy and in particular brain energy is not uncommon for us to encounter when it comes to clients we work with over at our Nutrition for Life Clinic. 

We are always needing to come up with more ideas to help people and we are always on the search for products and recipes we believe will appeal to those who are on the journey for improved energy and improved health.

In this blog we are giving you a smoothie idea to inspire your urge for elevated energy levels and brain focus. Two things many of us want to get out of each day and fortunately nutrition and certain nutrition products can make this possible.

Okay here is the RECIPE – so easy by the way!

This serves 1 and if you have all the ingredients on hand will only take a couple of minutes.

Other variations to replace raspberries but in the same portion size – banana, blueberries, avocado, blackberries


Why this smoothie inspires energy and brain energy boost? 

Hero ingredients MCT and lions mane feature in this smoothie recipe and are both ingredients that will give you the amazing energetic results.

MCT (we cover off on this over here) is a fast acting fatty acid that goes straight to the liver and gives you a surge of energy. So physically you should feel this quickly after consumption (handy for pre or post workout or to get yourself prepped for a busy day)

Lion’s mane (featured in both hero ingredients) is a type of mushroom – read more in our extensive blog here

the lions mane extract works on the nervous system helping the brain to improve focus, stamina and memory – feel sharp as a tac with this one!!



MELROSE MCT – shop here

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Thank you for reading and we hope you try this recipe idea. For any questions please feel welcome to email us at:

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